ASSAULT ON CALIFORNIA AVE just after 4pm today (Sunday)

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    Well, when the criter blithely walks out the door with friends in tow and says they are going to “hang in the Junction”…. I am not stressed or watch the clock until they return. In part because I feel she is amongst safe and protective neighbors…. who would intervene… as I would for yours… and.. I think it is a safe place to be. Fits my definition of a good urban neighborhood… take care of each other. However…. if you don’t feel safe WSratsinacage… here ya go…. enjoy.



    I know those guys, but not personlly. I’ve seen them before in the streets. I’ve seen a lot that goes on in the streets that you guys can’t phantom.



    Great ad from Keller’s Riverside Store.

    A fine example of an ignorant, bigoted jacka**.



    and posted by someone who wants to be taken seriously on here, dbsea…says a lot…

    kootch…I certainly hope that’s a joke, although it’s more offensive than anything else…


    I was kind of afraid to come back to this thread for fear of getting a beat down :) Looking back, my comments were a little extreme.


    Thanks waterworld!


    While my concerns are not about and did not mention the homeless, I can see how some people might infer that so I just wanted to make it clear that I respect productive members of society no matter what your economic status.



    This POS stole my dog from in front of QFC a few weeks ago. Long story short I got my dog back and this guy is lucky I didn’t do more than give him a good shove and tell him to leave. I have seen him and “friends” on numerous occasions, sometimes even holding signs asking for money. Please do not give him anything, he is a junkie low life. I love the junction and I am up there almost daily with my young son, although now I leave my dog at home. Thank you for posting this, the more people that are aware of this group the better. Honest citizens outnumber these crackheads and we shouldn’t have to stand for this. Ok, done ranting.

    I just wanted to get this off my chest. These people have no respect for our neighborhood. Keep on the lookout and report these people to the police, I know for a fact they are very familiar with them and maybe we can get them to move out of our area.



    Thank you CharlieDog, and I fully agree. I am so glad that you got your dog back, that is wonderful! I hope your dog wasn’t mistreated in any way while those guys had him/her.



    Just wanted to uodate this topic. I have seen this guy many times since this posting and mostly he seems up to no good. Yesteday, May 17th I noticed a Seattle Police Officer speaking to him as he sat outside of Petco. Then another cop arrived. They then hauled him off. Not sure what it was about, but they decided to take him somewhere.



    that’s great! Thank you for the update RobJ!

Viewing 9 posts - 26 through 34 (of 34 total)
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