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    I’ve seen this cat wandering around my neighborhood recently. At first it was extremely timid. But I gradually earned its trust and now the thing won’t leave my doorstep. It sits out in front of my door all day and night meowing loudly until I go out and play with her. It is a beautiful animal and I adore cats but I’m really allergic.

    The cat is young, maybe just a year old. And while she’s a little scrawny she certainly doesn’t look undernourished or neglected. I suspect she might belong to a neighbor somewhere around here but I don’t know who. If anyone knows this cat would you please drop me a line? cjboffoli (at) Thanks.

    PS: This would be in the Junction area, on the block between Alaska and Oregon in the vicinity of 40th and 41st Ave SW.



    cj –

    Perhaps she knows you’ve got Chicken Liver Pate and Venison terrine in your kitchen. She’s no dummy, that kitty. I know when I’ve opened up the pate, my cat goes a little crazy and pitifully undignified begging ensues. Could be your pretty visitor is stalking your sustainably fed goods. ;)

    Maybe post it under the lost/found pets, eh? If you haven’t already.



    What a face! Being from Christopher, I knew there would be a great photo and I wasn’t disappointed :) I agree with dood…probably the meat products, lol.



    Yep! Same here!

    My first thought was that Christopher must be sharing his pate! ;-p




    Ha. You guys are hilarious. Do you actually think I’d part with any of that creamy chicken liver paté? If any human or animal gets within three feet of me while I’m eating it I growl like a bobcat.

    However, in the interest of full disclosure, I am indeed guilty of feeding the cat Swinery prosciutto. Of the things I bought this week it was the only item that didn’t blow me away. Having tasted a piece of the 2-year-cure ham they were giving away free samples of (but not selling) I have high hopes that their prosciutto will improve with future batches. I don’t think they’ve had their health code certifications long enough yet for the current batch of prosciutto to have the time it needs to be great. Of course this little cat ate it ravenously so what do I know anyway.

    I’d like to think that all of the cuddling and belly rubbing I’ve given this adorable feline over the past couple of days is the reason it is so attached to me. But it is probably just the prosciutto.


    PS: Thanks for the compliment GenHillOne! I know. What a punim on that little one. How could I resist giving it some love? Allergies be damned.



    If you give me a call @ 321-4729, I would be happy to come to get the kitty tomorrow and take him/her up to Lien for a chip scan.




    christopher must be from the Jewish Italian side of the family ;-)

    adorable animal you got there. Feeding prosciutto and lots of belly rubs gets you a friend for life. Why would anyone go back to…umm….that mundane cat fud at the other place ?



    CJB if you end up being adopted by this kitty, there’s a product I highly recommend. It’s called Outright Allergy Relief and can be found here: or at Petco or the like. My HIGHLY allergic (as in, throat swelling shut after less than 5 minutes in my house) ex was able to sleep with the cats cuddled up after I washed them with the stuff. You have to do it weekly, but kitties get used to it – esp if you just dampen a washcloth and give them a good rubdown. Sortof like a giant mama cat…



    Thanks sacatosh. I’ve owned cats all my life. But since my mid-20’s my allergies got progressively worse. So I just can’t have them anymore. It is probably for the best because my cats were like my children. I travel a lot and I’d always feel guilty when I was away from my cat.

    I’d be in Paris or something and all I would be able to think about was whether or not my friends were taking adequate care of my cat and if it was lonely, etc. It’s kind of a crazy obsessive thing when it comes to my cats. So I really just can’t have them. It is easier that way. Nothing to feel guilty about when I’m away.

    This cat in particular is beautiful but she’s a little needy. One of the things I’ve always appreciate about cats is their independent streak. This cat just waits for me for hours and then is all over me the second I open the door. I picked her up the other day to cuddle with her a bit and she started nursing on the edge of my fleece. She’s still kind little and she doesn’t seem like she’s getting enough attention and love from whomever owns her.



    Christopher, I know what you mean about traveling while being a cat “dad.”

    I also have a 10 year-old Orange cat who “suckles” when he feels happy…it’s not common but it signals that this kitty is bonding with you.

    Have you considered seeing an Allergist and getting the shots? :-D

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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