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    House. I’m not sure if this is for real, but if it is… count me in! I must admit to HATING whiskey, but everything else is fair game. I like this post, I like this forum, I like all of you.

    It’s these different personalities that makes it so fun. House, give me the when and where. Other WSForumers, I want to meet you all.




    i can’t talk for other WSB forum members.. but i plan on being at skylark for a while around noon on inauguration day and at Full Tilt ice cream inauguration night for their inauguration party…

    if these guys don’t get their act together.. come celebrate with us…

    i have to warn you though.. the we i will be hanging out with are those do gooder old and not so old curmudgeons… ex hippies or not… past political organizers or not… dead heads or not… free thinking or not… who think it’s a good thing Obama is being inaugurated and would like to see this celebration usher in real change.. one defused racial incident at a time:)



    This meeting would be for anyone that enjoys West Seattle, LOVE IT

    doesn’t have self pity, EVERYONE DOES AT SOME LEVEL – some higher than others

    actually loves themselves, THAT TOO

    thinks that Capitalism isn’t such a bad idea, THERE ARE WORSE BUT I SEE ITS FLAWS AND I’M MORE SOCIALIST BY THE MINUTE

    isn’t a victim, I USE THE WORD “SURVIVOR”

    could care less about publicizing the good deeds they do, BUT I WANT TO INSPIRE PEOPLE TO THEIR OWN GOOD DEEDS….!

    doesn’t want to throw a charity event for every damn person that whines loud enough for them to hear, WELL, NOT *EVERY* PERSON

    doesn’t consider dogs/cats are equals with children, I AGREE THERE THOUGH I DO LOVE MY PETS MY CHILD IS, WELL, MY CHILD

    isn’t going to complain about their life situation, WE ALL DO THIS, TOO, TO VARIOUS DEGREES

    don’t take themselves too seriously DEPENDS ON THE DAY

    and most importantly ENJOYS TALKING ABOUT SPORTS. Oh dear well I’m completely out then.

    In short: this is a meeting for people more or less the opposite of myself. Please tell me where you will be so that I can give you some space and privacy. ;-)



    I’m down with Prost. I’ve driven by it a dozen times and want to check it out. Does anyone have contact info of the owner so that I can call him or e-mail him? I’ve heard it gets packed quickly, so maybe they can hold us a spot.

    I vote for next Friday or Saturday night.

    And JoB/Kayleigh/catlbob/rykrite….thanks for your input. It’s a shame you’re going have to battle it out for kissing rights. I only have two cheeks.



    actually, House, you have 4, but we ain’t kissin’ those either ;-)


    Well, House, you still owe me a beer or two and a discussion. If you are prepared to discuss cycling or rugby, I am in.

    And heck, dude, this makes you sound you’re feeling a bit victimized. I hope it’s the ever-present wit of House instead.

    “I’m afraid that these type of people are in hiding in West Seattle and I want to know that you have a voice. It’s not acceptable that the forces that be keep you down.”




    once again.. gratuitous personal insults…

    “And JoB/Kayleigh/catlbob/rykrite….thanks for your input. It’s a shame you’re going have to battle it out for kissing rights. I only have two cheeks.”

    do you need to be rude, crude and socially unmentionable to make your point?




    I tried to find the number on line for Prost. I couldn’t. I can try to swing by this weekend and talk to a manager/owner.



    Let’s hook it up next Saturday night if possible, perhaps meet up there around 7pm-??



    Not tomorrow, but next Saturday!!



    House, thanks for your post–it sounds to me like you’re proposing a positive gathering. I’m pretty lightweight about the sports though I could definitely get behind the NHL question! BTW, reading this thread has been highly entertaining–it reminds me a little of the McDonald’s cappuccino commercials from last year. This politics/personality mix is part of what makes West Seattle so much fun ;-)



    I just got confirmation from Chris at Prost that he’s expecting us. He stated that Saturdays are very busy, but they should be able to make room for us.

    Plans are to meet at Prost @ 7pm next Saturday night (Jan. 25th) and hang out most of the evening. The more the merrier!

    I’ll re-post Friday or Saturday AM as a reminder!



    Thanks for setting this up House!



    Damm.. I have a show that night.



    What kind of show, FullTilt?


    HMC Rich

    Sorry, I couldn’t make it. How did it go?



    i suspect live music.. Full Tilt often hosts local bands.

Viewing 17 posts - 26 through 42 (of 42 total)
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