Any update on that nasty accident on Admiral today?

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    I was driving up and apparently the accident happened mere moments earlier. Looked pretty nasty and I just hope no one is hurt or anything. It looks like it was a two vehicle collision East-bound on Admiral right in front of the Safeway gas station.



    I saw it too as I was leaving Met Market. Lots of peeps standing around a blown out driver side winow and front end damage with SPD presence but did not seem to be any injuries thankfully….



    Publisher Patrick, next time you have a minor accident to cover, we must have a picture of “lots of little yellow and blue peeps standing around a car”…the journalistic integrity of WSB depends on it. And it would make a great “best of seattle” calendar shot.



    Not sure what exactly that means but FWIW we didn’t hear about this while it was happening, and since no medic unit was dispatched, it apparently indeed didn’t involve major injuries. One helpful WSB’er sent a brief e-mail alert but I wasn’t at the keyboard at the time … please text or call if you see something that seems newsworthy, it’s the only guaranteed way to get us immediately (but if you’re driving, please don’t, safety and legality are more important) .. 206-293-6302, round the clock, whether it’s a crash or whales or road work or … TR

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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