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    I really enjoy this man’s writing. Be forewarned, he doesn’t like the current presidential regime…but this is food for thought…



    Thanks for posting, he does have a way with words.



    JADG…I am on his private FB page, Stonekettle Station…good page.

    another good place for interesting reads is



    Thanks, JanS — nice writing. Even if you didn’t agree with him, you’d have to give him that : )



    Happy, I think everyone who spends any time on these forums knows which way I lean politically. And we don’t always have to agree, do we? But…and I am trying hard to practice this…we can still be kind and civil to one another. This week has been difficult, as there is a lot of anger about the proposed direction of healthcare for people in this country, so it is coloring some thoughts and some speech, I’m sure. So I thought that I would share stuff that isn’t too divisive.

    Have a great weekend.Pray for sun :)



    Thanks… good read with fascinating observations.



    I read Jim Wright often and his quite thoughtful in his approach. He doesn’t mince words and backs up his arguments. Jim also doesn’t come at these issues from a dogmatic point of view and his personal background is not one that would suggest such.

    This is a particularly insightful column regarding the extremes of society and their political proclivities.



    @Jan: “I really enjoy this man’s writing. Be forewarned, he doesn’t like the current presidential regime…but this is food for thought…”

    I really don’t believe you ever need to worry about people liking 45. I am sadly familiar with the dichotomy the author wrote about in Alaska, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and western WA too. It’s pretty easy to understand what the author and hinting at (rightfully so) and to use their own words, when you pay attention: “And you notice things.”

    Let’s see how it keeps playing out. I am truly enjoying the debacle unfolding however would have preferred it not be necessary in the first place.


    summer breeze

    Nice story a bit questionable for me but none the less entertaining. The recollection of the smallest details (like the cats yellow eyes) are amazing. I wouldn’t say the two classes of people want from each other. I wonder if I was a betting woman if the poor want their freedoms to remain and the rich want the laws to remain. I will have to ponder this more.
    I am a person I would say in the middle. I think I understand Trump and know he wants whats best for Americans. Some people will never make it to the middle or top finically because they do not know how. I have learned in my 60 years not everyone learns the how’s or what it takes in discipline and effort early in life. I remember at the beginning of Trumps campaign he said (but don’t quote me) “there are some Americans that will always need help but thats ok..we gotta help them”. I felt Trump was a very fair compassionate man. He understood people very well.

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