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    I just received court documents in the mail regarding the Allstar Bankruptcy. Not sure really what it is saying. I’m sure all past and present members received this as both my husband and son received one as well.

    Does anyone really understand what this is saying for us past members?



    Probably only relates to the previous owners not the current owner



    Hi – someone sent me a copy of this. It is definitely PREVIOUS OWNERSHIP, which has been in bankruptcy a while, NOT the current ownership. The previous ownership is West Seattle Fitness, to whom the notice relates; the current ownership is West Seattle Athletic Club (entity of Oregon Athletic Clubs). I have not read closely enough to see what it means but if you look at the bottom of the docs, it’s a very specific notice involving a very specific action, involving compensation for the court-appointed trustee and others. I’ll be going into the online bankruptcy file re: that case shortly to see if there’s any more context – TR



    So why are all of the past members getting the letter? Are they trying to get money from us? Or does it mean the present owners still owe money?

    It all makes me wonder if the current owners are in trouble – especially since they haven’t been able to afford soap for the showers.



    It’s a notice of a hearing in which the debtor and trustee will ask the court to pay the trustee, pay the debtor’s attorney, and to dismiss the bankruptcy. It has nothing to do with the new owners.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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