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    They rate by the highest growth rate? Yet one of the values is green space and not too dense? Won’t one cancel out the other very soon?

    Edit: Oops, read too fast. They’re rating the growth of bookings, not the population density. But I still wonder how long West Seattle, at its rate of population growth, can continue being so trendy. Not that I care if it’s trendy.

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    After seeing this go by, I looked for the actual source on Airbnb’s own site.

    Mostly an attempt to promote their Experience feature. No further details.

    But seriously, I would expect one of the main reasons that this service has grown here is our shortage of formal lodging. We were just in The Triangle tonight and reminded that Grove remains West Seattle’s only actual motel/hotel. When I first saw West Seattle as a tourist 27 years ago, I was shocked that so much spectacular scenery had nowhere for a tourist to stay and enjoy it. (I’ve since learned, of course, about the controversies over the years.)

    Back to the original subject … I wish Airbnb’s news release had a little more data to go with the stats. (Such as, which zips do they consider West Seattle? All of it? Or just oh say 98116?)




    I wish that Salty’s would build the hotel they had talked about a few years ago, right next to the restaurant. Sure would be lovely!



    This was brought up on Facebook by Diane and some of us wondered if it was simply an ad that inserts the viewer’s location into the list. ie, we see West Seattle, but someone in Ballard sees Ballard, someone in Sunnyvale sees that…

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