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    Yes, we called the Times, yes we politely let them know that their driver’s car is annoyingly noisy and wakes up 1/2 of the neighborhood every morning, gunning it at every stop. Slap goes the paper to the pavement. Foot to the gas peddle and the roaring whine starts all over again. We can even hear it into the next block. The Times rep said he has asked the driver to use someone else’s car. That lasted one day.

    Please don’t tell me to use earplugs or to close the windows tight. I am ready to file a complaint re: disturbance of the peace.

    In the big picture of life, this is one tiny, minuscule annoyance but this has gone on now for months and I am at my wits end. This is in the Fairmont Park neighborhood. What would YOU do?


    Heaven Sent

    I would play the Led Zeppelin II album on my best headphones in the early AM. Volume: LOUD.



    at 3AM? really? I would annoy the times incessantly until they actually do something about it. Raise his pay for goodness sake, so he can get it fixed…

    @Heaven Sent….3am is not the “early AM”…it’s the middle of the night.



    I would be grateful that I don’t have to deliver papers in the middle of the night for next to no pay. Often the people who do this job are the very bottom of the economic ladder and it’s no surprise they aren’t driving cars that silently glide along the rain-soaked streets. I would consider it one more opportunity to be grateful. And yes, I do this every time I hear them.



    I love my paper and subsequently the sound of its delivery, even at 3 a.m., even with a noisy car and the occasional bang of an over-enthusiastic toss. And after the Seattle Times manager told me he’d been through 17 carriers in six months on our route, I am exceedingly grateful that my faithful carrier from Kent agreed to take back this area.

    As for advice, you could subscribe to the paper and get some benefit from the annoyance … or you could continue to complain and maybe get the carrier fired (but as acemotel points out, the next carrier’s car will probably not be any quieter) … or you could just wait it out, as I don’t think it will be too many more years before the Times stops printing/delivering on a daily basis. I, for one, dread that day.



    We are having the same issue in our neighborhood. We have called and complained several times. In fact everyone on our block has. I also called the police and they said they couldn’t do anything. I have 2 kids under 3 and it wakes them every morning at 3:00.

    I have heard the only way to solve this is by going into the seattle times and speaking to them..



    Or you could actually ask the driver–at 3 am–what it would take to fix the car and take up a collection to help him/her out. (In my neighborhood, it’s a couple who deliver.) We had the problem of the hefty thud of the paper against the door causing the dogs to go ballistic in the wee hours. So at 4 am I just asked if they’d leave the paper on the grass. It’s there every morning, and I’ve let the carriers know I’m grateful.



    Maybe offer to fix the muffler. It is actually very cheap as long as you don’t take it to a garage and you can either get parts online cheap or get the same parts a garage would charge you $400 to get and you can get the exact same part for $40. And because garages are now charging $100+ an hour instead of paying them a couple thousand dollars to fix something I would offer to do it for a couple hundred dollars. If anyone wants to help out maybe start a go fund me or just donate some money. Heck if I can help out and save the poor person that delivers papers at 3am I would be there in a heartbeat. You all put your money where your mouth is and I’ll be there to help out someone that’s probably in need and can’t afford a garage. Let’s do our part to help our communities. We all live together. Don’t single one person out and say well they should be doing this. Let’s figure out ways to help our fellow people.



    I wonder if this is still about issue eight years later?



    Dear WSB, can you please take this post down? It’s 7 years old. Thx.


    2 Much Whine

    I’d be thrilled to have the paper waiting for me when I woke up! Last week our Sunday paper came on Monday. But Vanessa is right. Why was this 8 year old thread resurrected with a comment from someone that has only posted one comment in the history of the blog? This spam stuff amazes me.

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