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    It seems to me that there is a super contagious 24-hour bug sweeping through West Seattle. It doesn’t seem to be a flu, but I was wondering if anyone else had noticed.


    Rod Clark

    This might be your bug… I caught a cold, with a bad sore throat on Day 2, and now at Day 6 it’s almost cleared up. The neighborhood kids have been running around coughing, too.



    Yes, I had it – wasn’t pleasant. Super nauseous, TMI gross stuff and no appetite whatsoever. Lasted one day. No “cold symptoms”, just stomach ickiness.



    My 4YO son has it, hollyplace. No fever, just a stomach bug that seems to be passing as the day wears on. Very unpleasant.



    I had it about two weeks ago after my daughter gave it to me. Super nauseous puts it nicely. Pretty sure it’s going around everywhere as my students on the eastside have also been passing it along.



    Donning my germ-proof body suit with supplemental oxygen supply!!!



    The 24 hour “flu” is really just foodborne illness. Probably not an e-coli type of bacterial infection, but even lesser types can make you pretty miserable for a short while. Instead of catching it from one-another, you probably ate at the same place, or touched an infected surface and then transmitted it to yourself. They aren’t viruses, which take much longer to eliminate from our systems.

    Toxins or chemical agents will cause distress rather quickly, bacteria takes as many as a few days to incubate and make you sick.

    Don’t take it lightly, people die every year in this country from even the most mundane source, and though most will probably recover just fine, a bacterial infection can be passed along to another (or many others).

    IF you can trace your illness to a specific place (other than that thing you forgot in your refrigerator for a few days and thought you could still eat safely), it would be a good idea to notify the business so they can take steps to fix the problem. An ethical food-service operation will be grateful to know of any potential issues, and will probably bend over backward to retain your business, as well.

    I’m a cook, you should be happy I know these facts.

    Actually, most in my profession do, but I have seen too many people in the industry who don’t take it seriously at all, or are simply ignorant of proper food-handling procedures.


    Hate to disagree dawsonct, but I am pretty sure it is a virus. I had it and blamed it on something I had eaten. 24 hours later my daughter had it. 24 hours after that, my other daughter had it. When I called them in absent to school, six children were out from their class with the same thing (6!). It is an ugly little stomach bug with not a lot of puking but tons of stomach discomfort, chills and general miserableness.



    After traveling to see family this weekend it seems that it is a virus, because they all have it now. Tis the season I guess…



    Yeah, that sounds like norovirus or something similar…you know, the famous one that hits cruise ships from time to time. It is SUPER contagious and leads to a miserable puke-fest and other unpleasantries as well. It is very easily food-borne, and it is possible to pass it on for several days after symptoms disappear. I once attended a birthday party where all of us got it from the cake made by an infected baker (the Health Department investigated that case). So, dawsonct and ProudWSFamily, you’re probably both right.

    Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, everybody!



    Sounds like the bug that ran through where I work (downtown)for about a month and a half. Jumped from department to department, from floor to floor.



    Watch out for Strep Throat too! I know of ATLEAST 6 people that have had it within the last 2 weeks.



    EVERYBODY keep away from EVERYBODY!!! Wash your hands, sneeze into your arm, and for heaven’s sake AVOID THE CAKE!!! Seriously, I’m a germaphobe. I get it. I got it. And I don’t want it again!

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