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    Found them along the side of the road, they’re obviously designed for a specific task AND appear to never have performed it.

    Who can clue me it?




    The red(?) pieces; are they adjustable, like some kind of clamp? (Doesn’t look so, from what I can see in the pics).

    So, if they don’t tighten down and clamp, maybe some kind of guides?

    I know, the vagueness of “some kind” doesn’t help much, but the channel looks like it might be there to accommodate a cable, or rope, or something.

    Also, did you happen to notice what business(es) are nearby? Maybe that could be a hint, if they fell off one of their trucks.

    If they were actually clampy things, you could maybe get them modified into some pretty gnarly brakes for your bike!




    Not sure either, just to speculate…

    1. Too heavy to be mounted on anything mobile – save for a heavy duty vehicle – like bigger than a standard truck. Likely load-bearing wall mount?

    2. Clearly a support mounting for something that doesn’t need to be locked into place but can move slightly. Whatever rests in it either is too heavy or not likely to be accidentally pushed out of the guide.

    3. Looks like the guide contact material is softer (rubber?) and can be replaced, which suggests that whatever is being guided moves (at least a little) and wears that surface over time – again, like the brake pad Mike suggests. It also appears that the wearing surface might be softer to reduce any potential grating noise from metal to metal contact.

    4. Whatever is resting in the guide is clearly heavy and not very far from the wall it’s mounted to.

    So, I’ll go with an awning guide or something suspended in a gymnasium or similar building?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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