Reply To: Alki Mail thinks it’s smarter than you.



“FedEx SmartPost, which is similar to UPS SurePost, is a hybrid shipping service with which FedEx will pick up packages from the shipping destination, and then hand the packages off to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) for the final delivery to the end customer.

Yes, precisely. FedEx initiates the delivery, transports it to its general destination, and then the post office makes the final delivery. But if the item is initially handed to the post office, they must then deliver it to FedEx in order for FedEx to get the package moving. It is an extra step, totally unnecessary, and given the current derelict state of the US postal system, it can take up to several weeks for USPS to make the hand-off, or even worse, they can lose it. Which they have done.

Why not just initially give the package to FedEx, who are responsible for the first part of the journey?

Because if you are Bree at Alki Mail, you don’t understand how the process works, you ignore your customers’ entreaties, and you just do what you want because you think you know better.

The bottom line, especially in this season, is that the package takes from 4-6 weeks to get to its destination. That is not a good thing.