Reply To: Anybody to Guam?


Schmitz Park Dad

I love Guam and go there once a year on business. It’s the highlight of my year. The coastline is beautiful. Imagine Hawaii 100 years ago. The water is warm and the snorkeling is great. The people are kind, polite and respectful. It’s like stepping back in time. People say hi to you in elevators and when you pass them in the street. Young people call you “sir” and people hold doors open for you. There is a sincere kindness through out the island.

There is surprisingly good food and coffee on the island. Pikas is one of my favorite restaurants and Coffee Slut has great coffee.

The temperature is the same every day of the year… mid 70s at night and mid 80s during the day. It is humid, but not horrible.

Sorry I cannot provide much help with living details. I know that T-Mobile is not there. I think the cell carrier is Docomo? I can tell you that the island has the largest Kmart in the US and you can find anything you need there.