Reply To: Coyotes 23rd and Andover



Free-roaming cats are becoming a serious problem in my neighborhood. I’ve had as many as five in my yard in a day. My gardens are filled with poop, they hunt birds, they fight with each other, and they spray on the side door that my own indoor cat looks out of. I love cats, but this is unhealthy for everyone. It’s to the point where I can’t enjoy my own backyard because it has been taken over. I’ve tried installing multiple deterrents, but I don’t want to destroy my own garden just to defend against cats. One of my few joys in life is feeding and observing birds, which I can no longer do as luring them to their deaths is not what I had in mind. There is nothing “natural” about a domestic cat, nor is there anything natural about having them roam the neighborhood being a nuisance. Having unleashed an uncontrolled predator into the environment, the owners of free-ranging cats have nothing to complain about if a larger predator asserts dominance by snacking on them. I personally think that’s a horrible option, but the cat owners are to blame. As for the coyotes: Yippee Ki Yay.