Reply To: Out-of-State: Considering Moving to North Delridge (Delridge Way)



Ignore the haters jdeeysabel, the area is fine. My family and I bought a townhouse off Delridge back in 2017 (after having rented it since 2015) and sold it for a sizable profit in 2019 as we were moving out of state.
Westwood Village is convenient and the folks at the QFC, Target, pet shop, and misc restaurants are great! Plus, it’s easy to zoom up to the Admiral Junction for more options, or out to Alki, or to downtown (less convenient with the bridge outage right now though).

For better or worse, Delridge is gentrifying quickly right now. With that comes higher property values, taxes, and more service options. It’s forcing a lot of lower income people out, thus the better/worse.