Reply To: Where are all the birds. I only have crows!!!



I’ve got Bewick’s wrens nesting in my mailbox, and they’ve raised two clutches of chicks this year. I hung a tube feeder with nuts and fruits seed mixture, and every day I get lots of finches (house and purple), black capped and chestnut chickadees, juncos, and a few other species I can’t name, plus the occasional Steller’s jay. The feeder used to spill onto my porch and then squirrels would come on my porch, but I got tired of the mess and hung it further from my house, so I’m still getting birds but not squirrels. However, there is a hazelnut in the side yard and we call it the Squirrel Highway in fall when the nuts show up – it’s nonstop squirrels all day!

Near the Junction.