Reply To: Where are all the birds. I only have crows!!!



Good thread! I’m also seeing fewer species, and in most cases fewer individual birds, and I think part of what’s going on is that juveniles are finally mostly feeding themselves from natural sources, so they’re not showing up as much at feeders.

I still have lots of chickadees (both Black-capped and Chestnut-backed), juncos, and House Finches, Song Sparrows, and of course Steller’s Jays and crows, and a bunch of Northern Flickers. Oh, and Anna’s and Rufous Hummingbirds. But it’s been a while since I’ve seen the tons of adult and juvenile towhees, bushtits, warblers, nuthatches, other sparrow species besides Song, grosbeaks, tanagers, etc., that filled my yard just a few weeks ago.

One key thing that brings lots of birds right up to my study window is water sources. I have a ground birdbath, two hanging birdbaths, and a bubbler, and they get traffic all day long. If you want more birds, try putting out a saucer with water!