Reply To: Junco Nesting in Hanging Basket – Advice???



My backyard has become an oasis for hummingbirds, finches and new this year- Juncos! While watering a hanging fuschia basket, I found a nest with 4 eggs. I carefully watered around the nest every other day and found babies 4 days ago! I do think the momma built her nest in a lush garden and it would be cruel to let the basket die when the family needs the protection the most. So, I put a bird feeder close by, and use water bulbs to maximize the moisture and minimize the invasion of the bird nursery. Momma and daddy stay close by and my only concern now is that those babies will be fledglings in a few days and the basket is 4 feet off the concrete ground. I worry about the babies getting hurt on their maiden flights. But I can’t move the basket now to ensure a softer landing. Any ideas?