Reply To: COVIDIOTS, wear a damn mask!



IQ test, indeed. Nor do I sympathize with the enablers who think it’s just mean to confront maskless individuals in supermarkets, etc. If these people truly have underlying illnesses that prevent them from wearing a mask, then they are the last people who should be barefaced out in public. If their condition actually exists (highly doubtful) then they should be in quarantine for their own safety. It should be written into the (unenforced) law that if you can’t (won’t) wear a mask, then you must stay home. It’s well known that covidiots, already low on the IQ scale as noted, are using unsubstantiated medical conditions as an excuse to flaunt their ignorance. Remove the loophole. Or, give them all a maskless island to live on, along with the anti-vaxxers, and let Darwinism run its course. A tanning bed should be all the intervention they need.