Reply To: 70,000 dead



I am trying to compare the money spent on the covid-19 epidemic vs the money spent on the war on drugs.
Before I say anything else, I would like to look at the 2019 flu season.
stats show that we were already having a very bad flu season with higher then average morality rate. Flu kills thousands every year, maybe it has morphed into a super bug.
Read what the World Health Organization states.
It was going to happen regardless of what we did, its the nature of the beast,
So spending 4 trillion dollars at it is like spitting into the wind,
We could have some measures like separation, washing our hands, testing.

So what about the drug problem, more die from that, but little is done, most addicts can still buy a fix, but they cant buy a mask,
There are other diseases too but I am only comparing the two,
do you agree?