Reply To: A place to gather for folks that disagree with Seattle politics and policies.


Ms. Sparkles

I’m tired of feeling like there’s different standards for different people.

I begrudgingly took my bags of home improvement waste to the dump & paid the dump fee and resented it seeing on a daily basis the piles of garbage left behind by RV campers and mini-encampments; if they can trash the area without consequence why should I go to the effort of lugging my crap to the dump?

I scoffed at the animal control officer who came to my door about my dog barking when the reason he was losing his mind (inside the house) was the late-June through mid-July illegal fireworks the city declines to address…. but sure send someone out to talk to me.

It’s not heartless to acknowledge that there’s a double standard in this city. There maybe many valid, noble-intentioned reasons for the policies that create this double standard, but it doesn’t change the fact that the city does enforce the laws on different populations differently. And no the irony of this situation, considering POC have dealt with this forever isn’t lost on me.