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It depends on how far away the car is. If you are a safe stopping distance away, and see a jogger entering the crosswalk, it doesn’t matter their pace, you are responsible for stopping. Passing through “without issue” if you have the ability to stop is illegal. It’s pretty easy to also figure out when a jogger will reach the curb, unless they are running side to side and backward or changing erratic paces or are wearing a cloak of invisibility. It’s the same way you determine how fast a car or a walker or a cyclist is going. To echo to Skeeter’s post above, please keep in mind that intersections come in all shapes and sizes, i.e. it doesn’t need to be a 4 way intersection, or a painted, or well-lit or what you consider “safe” to cross. I see a lot of drivers blow through crosswalks where the street only intersects the other street on one side–say California and Hudson or California and Bradford, and various similar “3-way” intersections along our arterials.

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