Reply To: Fees



I wonder if that ”enhancement fee” is just a means, on the part of the gym(s), to compensate for the “deals” they give to join and sign a contract for a year, or whatever?

I’ve never been a member of a gym, so am not familiar with their pricing structure, or any of the “small print”, other than the passing glance I may give an ad for a gym on TV.

Back before I got a smart TV and was having to pay the cable company in our area for both TV and internet, among the annoying fees shown in the itemization of my monthly bill was a “Regional Sports Network Fee” that had been around $5.00/mo for awhile. By the time I got the new TV 15 months ago, it at some point gone up to $8.50/mo, IIRC.

Although I was annoyed by all of the rest of the hidden fees, I really resented that one as I don’t watch any of the sports networks since I don’t care about sports, and usually mute the TV when the sports reports and game recaps come up on local news.

I know I wouldn’t be very happy as a gym member, to be soaked $56 or $60 (or *any* amount) if I never made any special requests.