Reply To: Police still need training



Graciano, that style of merging is not recommended by any experts–most who recommend zipper merging (a quick search on this will show several articles and sources as to why). This offends many people who take it personal rather than preferring the efficiency of the behavior (some who ride both lanes for several hundred feet so nobody can get “around” them, causing further congestion.) Merging near the point of the lanes joining eases congestion and is technically “correct” in the eyes of the experts. In addition, if the OP was to “merge” a 1/4 mile back, they wouldn’t have been a merge, it would have been a lane change.
As a side, I was once pulled over for going 58 in the right lane when an officer in the lane to my left was going 55 (in a 60). Received a verbal “questioning” on why I was going faster than an officer. Sometimes it is just about exerting power.