Reply To: An interesting read – open for discussion


summer breeze

Nice story a bit questionable for me but none the less entertaining. The recollection of the smallest details (like the cats yellow eyes) are amazing. I wouldn’t say the two classes of people want from each other. I wonder if I was a betting woman if the poor want their freedoms to remain and the rich want the laws to remain. I will have to ponder this more.
I am a person I would say in the middle. I think I understand Trump and know he wants whats best for Americans. Some people will never make it to the middle or top finically because they do not know how. I have learned in my 60 years not everyone learns the how’s or what it takes in discipline and effort early in life. I remember at the beginning of Trumps campaign he said (but don’t quote me) “there are some Americans that will always need help but thats ok..we gotta help them”. I felt Trump was a very fair compassionate man. He understood people very well.