Reply To: PSA: Dog waste disposal



This topic has come up before, and I agree with VV that it’s extremely rude to put your dog’s crap in someone else’s garbage can. Nor is it an either/or situation of placing it in someone else’s can or leaving it on the street. Putting your crap in someone else’s can could be considered illegal dumping, and leaving it on the street, bagged or not, is illegal. The only correct choice is to take YOUR poop home and put it in YOUR can. First of all, residential garbage cans are not public receptacles. They are paid for by the property owner as part of their utility bill. Second, poop bags STINK and the stink lingers in the can even after emptying. When I had a dog, I kept a separate galvanized can for the bag & yard poo collection, then added it to the trash can on collection day to avoid the stank absorption. If you want your can to be used as a public poo collector, then put a sign on it saying so. The rest of us expect you to act like responsible dog owners and carry that precious little package home with you.