Reply To: Cell Phone Tower.s



Privacy isn’t about “having something to hide”. In fact, it’s guaranteed by the 4th Amendment.

Yes, we surrender a degree of privacy to private industry when we obtain credit cards, sign up for online services but that doesn’t mean I want to supply easier access…but that’s just me. I would hardly say that my wanting to protect my privacy, such as it is, is a symptom of brainwashing.

As for your constantly slewing argument my question remains: where are you trying to go with this? In your first post you were pissed about AT&T installing new cell tower equipment, and 5G, on the neighboring condo and you were receiving no compensation. Next, you were going on about satellites and drones being more efficient as compared to underground fiber (which simply isn’t true). Next, you were going on about how Trump and Huawei and 5G were going to steal identities. After I questioned that statement you said something about individual routers and public access through centralized routers. Now you are going on about facial recognition and how I shouldn’t worry about privacy if I have nothing to hide.

By the way, your face isn’t private once you walk out onto the street. It can be photographed by any entity for virtually any reason because you have no expectation of privacy when out in public except in places where privacy would be the norm such as bathrooms, changing rooms, etc.

What I’m saying is that you are more and more incoherent.