Reply To: Prius Drivers are one of the worst



Hah! I was just thinking about how awful Prius drivers are. Yes, confirmation bias all the way. I had a hunch and now that’s what I see. I also see a Prius and now assume ride-share driver (speeding, illegal loading, distracted driving). There are grip of rideshare drivers out there and they are easy to recognize by their Lyft/Uber paraphernalia. My partner swears Audi drivers are the worst. Regardless, walking and biking in this city is one of the most daring things I ever done with my life, and I blame all the Prius/Audi/rideshare/Subaru/insert other brands here drivers.
Also worth noting, a Prius driver killed 1 and injured a few others by Canlis last week–some more confirmation bias for us all.

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