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Yes, broadly, it’s absolutely legal for ATT to put up cell towers. For this project specifically I’d guess that it’s totally legal as well. Projects like this are too high profile to hope to escape inspectors notice and companies like ATT tend to have their ducks in a row prior to building as the building department has the authority to require removal and to levy fines.

No, you cannot hope to prevail in a lawsuit but you can certainly sue. You can sue for anything you like. What would you sue for in this case, anyway?

Why would you receive compensation?

The electrical equipment generates heat and the equipment doesn’t work properly and can be damaged by the excessive heat. Thus, there is cooling equipment that goes along with a cell tower.

You’d be surprised about where easements are and how property owners, in this case the condo (if I understand your post properly_ can lease a space for equipment to be mounted on the roof or elsewhere on their property. Since these are no convenient controlled neighborhood you really don’t have much say as to how other owners utilize their land as long as they comply with zoning requirements. By the same token, it’s possible to not own the land beneath your house. Many people only own the surface right to their property and don’t even know it. That means that an “energy” company can come along and put in a gas or oil well or the like on your property and you can’t do anything about it.

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