Reply To: Pecado Bueno – are customers supposed to leave a tip?



Everyplace I go now asks for a tip, regardless of if there is a server involved. Since you specifically wrote about Pecado Bueno, I’ll give my thoughts on that business. We are extremely loyal customers who eat at PB on a weekly basis. Because we frequent their so often, we do like to tip them because a. They are always super friendly and kind to our kids. b. the food is always outstanding and c. we feel like we’ve built a relationship with the staff there. Though we do order our food at the counter, and clear our table, they do bring our food out to us, and also we usually order some type of beverage from the bar, which we would tip for anyways. I agree that we have gotten a bit crazy in our tipping culture here, and now I feel because a tip is always asked for, there is a guilt I feel if I choose to leave that “tip” line blank.
As for their prices, well, they use sustainable, organic, local and hormone free products which is why their prices are a bit higher than any of the other Mexican joints in town. Worth the money if you ask me.
Long answer to your initial question, but “no”, I don’t believe a tip is expected or necessary for a place like PB, but of course always appreciated.