Reply To: Rave to shovelers!



There is always the debate on whether to walk on the shoveled area(ice danger) or the shoveled area. If the sidewalk is shoveled, walkers have the choice to walk where they feel safest, right? (I am pro-choice!). As many shovelers have noticed, it is easier to shovel before walkers go through, and the afternoon weather often does a great job of getting it down to bare sidewalk. There are now lots of sidewalks with uneven icy terrain because no one took care of them from the first day. I hope those of us who have to get to bus/main road for rides to work can do so safely. Allow extra time to navigate the sidewalks and if you get there late, at least you got there!
And let’s get those steps cleared of ice and snow for safe mail delivery! Kids out of school can be making a couple of bucks around the neighborhood…or just doing good deeds(with neighbor’s blessing and parental permission)