Reply To: 35th south of Roxbury…



They’re baaaack….

SDOT has moved the heavy equipment back onto 35th, closing sections of the street without notice. They just finished this project at the end of October, two months + overdue. Now they’re re-excavating and demolishing sections of the new sidewalks and ramps. They are, at this moment, smashing concrete in front of my neighbor’s house, who have a newborn baby. Nice.

The glaring issues mentioned by Greystreet, visible to anyone with at least one eyeball and two gray cells, were installed without question by these bozos and their inspector. Multiple people reported these issues to SDOT, but they refused to correct the errors as they were in progress. For example, they really did a number on my entry. That’s when I discovered that their blueprint/plans in regard to my property were incorrect. When I pointed this error out to the moron-in-chief, who was sent out to shut me up, he said he wasn’t interested in errors on the blueprint. So there you have it.

Now, neighbors are again to be subjected to this nightmare of noise, destruction, and damage. Perhaps worse, we – and ALL of you – are paying for this boondoggle, including the bizarrely placed ‘street trees’. We received no notice that this was to happen, so have no idea of the scope or duration of the re-construction. I really wish someone would look into this gross waste of time and taxpayer money, but neither Jenny Durkan, Lisa Herbold, or Jesse at KIRO were interested.