Reply To: I am totally oposed to Kavanaugh on the Supreme court but……




you might ask yourself.. why that particular supreme court judge?
i can probably answer that.. because he had paid his political not judicial dues and because a Yale alum.. George Bush.. campaigned for him in the background.

you might ask yourself.. why now? Because once having settled on Kavanaugh there wasn’t time to get another justice seated before the midterms.

So.. they doubled down on a troublesome candidate who might not have seen the last of his troubles yet. He has been charged with ethics violations in his last federal judgeship.

will he be cleared of those charges? That remains to be seen. If he is not cleared of those charges, can he still keep his seat on the Supreme Court? That remains to be seen too. Either way he is currently sitting on the Supreme Court.

Would i have had problems with any candidate the Federalist Society put forward. Of course.. and everyone on the short list that Kavanaugh was added to at the last minute was in fact put there by the federalist society.

Would every candidate have faced ethics violations? Probably not.

You see, i refuse to believe that every frat boy in the 80s behaved the way the Truth and Courage club .. otherwise known as the “tit and clit” club.. did. I refuse to believe that every frat boy in America boasted about their behavior in their yearbook.

I refuse to believe that every frat boy in America who was a member of such a club and boasted about their youthful exploits wouldn’t have stood before the committee and apologized for the excesses of their youth.. excesses both they and their best friend documented…

evading giving a truthful answer to direct questions made in that context is lying… and you know that.

What else did he lie about? there are long lists but unless the other 98% of his records are released those lies will be difficult to prove.. won’t they.

This supreme court nomination and the circus that has followed was shameful.

As for whether he is my president or not… sorry.. he may be the President of the United States but i wanted nothing to do with him long before idiots allowed him to be elected… and his behavior as President hasn’t changed my mind.