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Well since my original post of over 2 hours ago hasn’t shown up, I will write another, as I don’t like the way I came off in the 1st. Copy and pasted here: Note changes in bold

x3 glossing over the culpability of the minority party. Your The credibility of the argument you make is shot. Your The unwillingness to cite any sources related to “lies” told says enough. I do think you are correct when you say “We will see what the people have to say then…” However, I’m afraid that it will not be what you’ll want to hear.

As for said mid terms – well….any news site will tell you the donations are pouring into BOTH sides. Pretty shameful all around.

As for your second to final paragraph – regardless. Donald J. Trump is the President of all Americans – however odious to you and many that may be.

HMCRich got it right when they said “No matter who was appointed there was going to be a battle put up by the Anti-Trump forces”. What is wrong with just being honest with the process? YOU (not necessarily Job – but the universal) can’t stand the president. You can’t stand the congress, you can’t stand the process. Therefore anyone presented to it, you can’t stand. It is simple reason. Be honest with yourself and your argument. If it is truly lies and corruption you are concerned with, let’s bring up Hillary again, and her husband Bill and the shameful things they did and covered for. DOCUMENTED FACTS they deny being a part of. No…No no. This is not about truth and fact. This is about hurting the President, his administration and to wit – the country.
5:01 PM 10/10/2018