Reply To: Bridge traffic worse or is it my imagination?



If I’m not on the bridge by 6:15 am, it’s a parking lot headed into town via I5, 4th Avenue or the Viaduct. Columbia Way is choked off anymore. Yesterday, it took me 2:00 to get home from 85th & Aurora. At 2 pm.

For a purportedly “Green” city, there sure are some “not green” practices. Ride Shares and Car shares are putting more vehicles on the road instead of reducing them. I’ve told this before but I travel for a living and ask any hotel van driver will tell you that the airport, any airport, has gotten to be a madhouse because of Car to Go or Uber. Not only do car shares clog up the streets but the take up precious parking spaces downtown. Empty (a block of them lined up in front of Starbucks on 1st Ave).

No, it’s not your imagination. It’s really real!