Reply To: Vote out Lisa Herbold



And better than that…. The Seattle Times editorial today is urging Seattle citizens to create an initiative to gather signatures that will overturn the Council’s ill-conceived head tax vote that took place without voter approval and place it on a ballot. This city legislative body needs to listen!!! There are better and faster ways to begin solving the homeless problem, some of which have been placed right in front of their noses, but they seem stuck in an either/or mentality and can’t think outside their political grandstanding boxes in order to bring all sides together to find solutions. An initiative only needs 21,770 signatures, which is 10% of the last voter turnout. From what I’ve been reading across this city, that should be easy to get if someone knows how to go about starting this up. We CAN save jobs, be good partners with the business community and solve the homeless problem, too!

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