Reply To: Apartments with no parking? Are they only going to rent to carless people?




I agree about the scattered and sometimes incoherent approach Seattle takes regarding these issues. I’ve spent years in San Francisco where owning a car was simply not desirable; I’ve spent time in Portland (OR) where the transit system made getting around smooth and easy.

But in Seattle, or at least West Seattle, cars are still crucial for a lot of people. And it’s not just because we’re missing one or two pieces of the puzzle–it’s because, as you said, we’re missing a “comprehensive big picture” of how to increase mobility.

The discussion can’t just be around parking, it needs to encompass everything from sidewalks (an elderly friend lives in a Delridge neighborhood where there simply aren’t sidewalks–and wading through the street (poor water management) while dodging cars simply isn’t feasible) to getting the bus system fixed to getting a subway system to getting…well, you get my drift.

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