Reply To: Apartments with no parking? Are they only going to rent to carless people?



In many specific cases–Lindsey’s, friend’s of mine, maybe even yours, taking taxis and ride-shares wherever you need to go is cheaper than owning a car and paying for registration, tabs, gas, insurance, depreciation, and maintenance.

Does this work for everyone? Certainly not, and I have never and would never imply that.

But when you bring up the specific argument about costs (“…people who can’t afford a car probably can’t afford the other options you mention either…” and saying that one must “have a healthy bank account” in order to use ride-shares in lieu of owning a car) wherein you continue to argue that it is always cheaper to own a car… Well then I guess I’ll just say, again:

For many people taking taxis and ride-shares wherever and whenever is both cheaper and more convenient than owning a car. Owning a car is expensive.

I feel like this conversation between you and I is finished–I have tried repeatedly to get just a single point across and I feel like I’ve repeatedly failed. This will likely be my last reply to you here. Take care.

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