Reply To: RANT Alki Board and bike poor service for repairs



My husband posted this on another board and it seems fitting to cut and paste it here. Short version: he loves the work Stu does. Oh, and btw, we call my husband’s bike his girlfriend. He loves it that much. (PS Typos are husband’s own.)

“My beloved road bike needed some care. After 7 years of consistent rides in the rain and covered in grit and layers of gunked oil, I took it to Stu for some work. Yeah, I know should clean it more often myself, but I’m usually pretty thrashed after early Sunday morning long ride in the rain..

The rear derailleur jockey wheels were shot, brake pads needed replaced. Thought that I’d need a new rear derailleur, but no. Stu proposed has 1/2 off January tune up. $65 vs $130 for tune up. I was out the door for under $100 , including parts. Got my beloved bike back, cleaner than it has been in too long, tuned perfectly. New jockey wheels. Dead silent pedaling and adjusted all around.

If you need your bike worked on. Go see Stu!”

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