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you still neglect that this issue is one that has serious impact on humans who are negatively affected by the continuous fireworks…

and i beg to differ.. your position that pointing out the impact fireworks which were once confined to a few isolated nights a year but have become a common nuisance has on both humans and animals is a waste of time and effort is a position… as was your labeling of anonyme’s post as hyperbole

the position that we should find common ground on violating existing laws is insidious…

which laws are ok to break.. just a little.. or a little more.. when does it become too much?

Does someone have to die to re-establish the health and safety reasons that caused the law to be enacted in the first place. if so.. how many people have to die? And do we have to prove their death is directly related to violation of the law or can we label them accidents with extenuating circumstances and therefore ignore them?

good questions that nobody seems to be addressing… and that won’t get addressed at all legislatively until there is enough public conversation to generate political consensus.

thus.. we bring this up again and again as what was once an occasional nuisance has become far less occasional and is no longer isolated to one or two local displays … or to time periods that are respectful in any way of local noise ordinances.

Exploding fireworks have become impossible to plan for and impossible to avoid ….
and that’s not just no fun.. but hazardous to our health.

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