Reply To: Admiral District – Women/Child Scammer



Yes, She approached me at Metropolitan Market and had one child with her -about 6 or 7 years old. She said she ran out of gas. I told her, I don’t have cash but can get her some gas if she had a gas can in the car which she said she did. I asked her to come to the gas station by Safeway with her can. She came there with the car and I told her to pump her gas. She was very polite and asked how much she could pump. I told her to keep going and when it came to about $8.45 cents I told her she could stop. There was another boy and a baby in the car. After going home, I felt bad for not giving her more gas and thought of her for the next 3-4 days. She genuinely needs some help and I still hate to say she is a scammer-especially when she is walking around for gas money. Looks like sometimes she gets money, sometimes gas, sometimes none of those -so she keeps trying to get either money or gas. I do wish there is some help for people like that without having to go to the extra length of finding an excuse to get those few bucks.

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