Reply To: Dangerous Intersection – 49th Ave SW and SW Graham Street – Please comment



My experiences in this intersection counters those expressed above.
As an avid cyclist who lives nearby, I pedal thru this uncontrolled intersection a couple times a week* on my way home. Just as I do dozens of other intersections throughout our wonderful west Seattle. (*~Daytime and nighttime)
Maybe I’m just fortunate to always pass thru when there are no cars speeding by, but my experience (based on decades of pedaling all over west Seattle and the peninsula) is that this intersection is no different than most others.
There are plenty of other intersections that are often much worse, and I avoid as much as possible, mainly those that are within 1 block of highly trafficked areas where vehicle back-ups are common, and people want to scurry around the traffic congestion.
My intention is not to diminish your thoughts, rather to respond to your “Please comment” with my experiences, and with the hope that others also take a minute to share theirs.