Reply To: Why would someone jog in the street?



I was just driving down a slow street by the Admiral Library. The sidewalks there are very wide and very nicely paved. Still, a runner was running nearly opposing traffic nearly at my bumper and I slowed to a 3 mile PH crawl and mouthed “Please use the sidewalk”. The runner signalled with her arms that she had a shared right to the road. She just didn’t “want” to use the wide super-smooth sidewalk. What is going on in West Seattle? She was breaking the law and making stupid, righteous hand signals that made no sense. What are we going to see next, Hula Hoppers in the middle of the street demanding space to perform? There is a Law righteous Joggers! “The Seattle Municipal Code, 11.40.220, provides that “where there are sidewalks provided, no pedestrian shall move along and upon an adjacent roadway.” The state statute, RCW 46.61.250, has the same language.”

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