Reply To: Why can’t you park? Rant



I don’t understand why drivers ignore the legalities of parking at the inconvenience/safety risk of other drivers and pedestrians.
The other day, in mid-Junction, this guy was double parked with car blinkers on. (FYI: there were a couple available parking spaces just ahead of him on California). He was on the inside lane causing a complete blockage of the lane, requiring drivers to move around him into the already busy outside lane. Many drivers who finally made it around threw him gestures, rolled down their window and said something to him. He just smiled, shook his head and waved them off.
I don’t know how long he had been double parked when I came upon him. However, I sat in the line of blocked cars and angry/frustrated drivers for about ten minutes. Finally, I saw him pick up a passenger from the nearby store and meander away in his car.
So selfish.