Reply To: Aggressive dog hating neighbors harassment/ picture taking



While i do somewhat sympathize with your situation, i am bored and i find the way you went about it in your post kinda funny so im pick it apart a little bit pls forgive me lol. First, nowadays here in west seattle, this is normal behavior. In fact since i look “different” there has been cases where people have followed me for blocks waiting for me to do anything illegal so they could take my picture. No lives… Secondly, while this all could be considered bullying, i wish that the bullys ive dealt with this is all they would do. These are some weak bullys lol. Third i doubt that lisa herbold wants all her contact info anywhere in this thread haha. Lastly i find it extra hilarious that you tell us to just “ignore” the crazy dangerous people with the self defense items… Theres my final roast for this subject thankyou