Reply To: Speech Therapist View – LET’S END SCHOOL MASK MANDATE ASAP



At the end of the day i follow and believe Dr Fauchi, the CDC, UW experts and state and county health officials. The internet is so full of experts that it is IMPOSSIBLE to weed out the knowledgeable ones from the “mama’s basement” “expert”. All of us can be CERTAIN that covid will be studied and dissected for years to come. There will be a truth to come that we did too much or we did too little or we wore masks too much or we wore masks too little or or or. I’ve found that going with the flow and doing my part has NOT impacted my mental health in any way. Don’t get me wrong i’ll be VERY happy to not have to wear a mask or show my vaccine card but all this “hoopla” has exposed a scary fact that there’s a LOT of people whose mental health is awfully fragile! Also exposed how much selfishness there is as peoples only concern is that they must be allowed to do anything they want any time they want.