Reply To: Offensive merchandise at Northwest Art and Frame



A few things:

Elma’s comments are not slander, they are her opinion based on what she finds to be socially acceptable. The easy solution for her is to not patronize NW Art & Frame and/or complain to management…not the cashier.

I hate the “coarsening of society” line. It’s such crap and is used as a self-serving means of denigrating what others may appreciate. I don’t appreciate any things, from evangelism, Republicans (as a whole), to ketchup, but I don’t offer up a lack of taste as a chastisement.

I’ve lived here for 17 years and as long as I’ve patronized that store there have been risqué items for sale. Some I’ve found amusing, some silly but none that I’d qualify as patently offensive. But that’s my opinion. Keyword: opinion.