Reply To: Selling Vape pens to minors at Hiawatha



@kroberts: We are all entitled to our opinions and I tend to express them in a manner that is forthright, a mode of communication that is uncommon around here and I make no apologies for it. That said, hijacking a thread to talk about me is pretty silly since you’ve added nothing to the conversation about illegal vape sales at Hiawatha.

The OP is not asking for help, they are offering a mealy-mouthed warning about illegal activity in which their teen is entangled. That’s it. I pointed out that it is, in fact, a crime, and I was told it was irrelevant to the OP though they did report it to the police. I also contended that the OP has access to all of the information that they require to put a stop to this. They know what is happening, where it’s happening, how it’s happening and, through their wayward teen, they have access to the who, if even indirectly, but I have no idea what information the OP reported to the police.

I presume you appear to take my statement about arm twisting to be literal, since it was convenient to your assessment of me and allowed the injection of a little pity for me – which I have no need or desire for. Also, I vilified no one. The term “arm twisting” is not literal, in this case, and is a common metaphor for applying pressure to obtain a desired result. In this case, the OP has their teen, who was illicitly obtaining vape. Some judicious application of parental pressure can produce names, or at least, more specific info.