Reply To: Selling Vape pens to minors at Hiawatha




You don’t find my information, that dealing or being a minor in possession of vape products is a crime, relevant? Color me shocked.

I implied nothing about your kid. I stated, clearly, that you neglected a critical piece of information in your original post, where you complained about the aforementioned dealing. IF your precious child were caught by the police they could cite them. The dealing is more serious, being a gross misdemeanor which can lead to jail time of up to one year and/or $5000 in fines. Oh, and a criminal record.

It appears that you know the where and the how. You can twisted your kids arm to supply the who and you could’ve pursued this further. Did you? I can certainly tell you that I would’ve been made extremely uncomfortable had I been in the same position as a kid. This information could’ve been supplied to law enforcement, the school, and whomever you chose to tell it to. Did you do any of that or was your solution only to make an anemic anonymous plea on the blog?

Parents have the power. Mine certainly did as did I when my children were in high school. Do you?