Reply To: Selling Vape pens to minors at Hiawatha


Ms. Sparkles

@mark47n- Interesting? I didn’t find that relevant to my warning & plea. I did file a police report and spoke with the head of security at WSHS, but I have no delusions regarding whether any resources will be applied to finding the dealer and prosecuting this gross misdemeanor.

As for my child’s infraction, I’m unclear on what your implying…. do you think I should have asked the police to come and issue a ticket to my kid? I’ve dealt with my child, I’m begging the dealer’s parent (if they’re even aware their kid is dealing) to deal with theirs.

If I had any hope of finding out the ultimate source (where the dealer is buying these things from) I would pursue that, but unless I find out who the dealer is, how can I find where he’s buying this stuff from? Not interesting. Frustrating, infuriating and upsetting.