Reply To: End School Mask Mandate (and unmask the poor kids outside!)



@wseakell, there are a number of inconsistencies and contradictions in your posts, but what strikes me most is the sheer level of exaggerated emotion. That might be expected if the issue were children at risk of dying of Covid, but instead it’s the opposite – children with the wherewithal to protect themselves and others by wearing masks. If your stance is truly apolitical (a claim belied by phrases like “cater to do-gooders”, and “righteous left-wing”) then it must be either religious or anti-science. Your claim about “droplets” is inaccurate, and although you are correct about children themselves not usually developing severe symptoms from Covid, they can (and do) carry and transmit it to other individuals and family members who are vulnerable. I can’t believe we’re even having this discussion so late in the game. Lindsey makes a great point – we’re very close to kids being able to be vaccinated, so what’s the urgency? My concern for your kids in particular is not the inconvenience of them having to wear masks for a few more months, but about the mental health of their mother. This level of catastrophizing is not healthy for them – or you. Take a break.